In blue

In blue, we danced
In blue you were clothed
In blue was beauty presented
In blue; a lovely blue dress
In blue you were wrapped perfectly
In blue, was the source of my thumping heart
In blue, the reason for my smile was
In blue, was my mind lost
In blue did my heart wonder
In blue was my eyes captivated
In blue, we danced on
In blue, my memory was stuck
In blue it remained; ever embracing the moment
In blue, the moment was perpetually shroud
In blue was the perfection of that day
In blue were your dressed
In blue were you adorned
In blue, did you walk before me
In blue did you dance before me
In blue did you dance with me
In blue, did you capture my heart
In blue, you laughed with me
In blue you were when you filled my heart with light
In blue, you glistered with that lovely smile while your eyes held me
In blue has my picture of you remained
In blue, did this heart find solace
In blue has it remain
In blue, you were covered when I last held you
In blue you were but it has been too long now
In blue my heart has been since you left
In blue it has been trapped
In blue is its abode, and it is cold here


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