This may just be the end

The surface before me is empty
And I see the nothingness of it
Fear suddenly creeps onto my back
It emerges rom my inside and sinks its talons in my flesh
Now my body responds appropriately
Look at these hands.
They have lost their steady
They have lost their composure
I ponder on why the fear resides in me

How long has it been in me
But in an instance I loose the chain of thought
The emptiness before me calls my heart back to fear
Is now my work the distraction of the duty
I set my arms aright and admonish it to be steady
Do not let the pains from me back deter you

The space before me is void and my mind mirrors it
Maybe today is it
Maybe the end has come early
Maybe the elixir is empty and this emptiness is permanent
Leaning closer I stare; squint, focus
There may be something there; inspiration
The emptiness is before me
My paper is void and my pen shakes nervously in my hand
The end might be certain
The strength may have reached its end
And the words have dried up
This may just be the day where silence engulfs me
This may just be the end

The surface before me is filled


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