. . . of you by my. . .

Forgive me
My understanding of you is a projection of me
Through my heart, I look upon you
I glance through the windows of my soul
The filter of my intentions, cloud my vision
It rest between us and keep me from seeing you
It keeps me from seeing your heart
Like a fog, it clouds my vision of you
Obscuring my view of your heart

My misunderstanding of you is a projection of myself
My heart weaves its longing into a cloak
Casting it upon my head
My intentions; my deepest intentions are cast over me
A vail; it covers my eyes
That I may see this world; that I may see you
Only through its distortion of my sight
Only through its patterns and colors
Only through it can my sight flow

Look deep in this heart
Look deeper
There! Cast beyond the reach of memory and question
There lies its intentions
They are woven deep within the tapestry of the walls
And the windows are dyed by its essence
Look out at this world from the comfort of me
Perfection shall be only though my view
Through heart dyed windows

I have cracked this window
I have fractured the divide between us
Now, my vision is distorted
This broken walls and window stands between us
Its cracks run long before me
They skew my vision some more
My actions have fractured my image of you
They have my soul, cast low
How the sight of yesteryears now seem like a dream

I pray to see you once again
Like the eyes my memory tells me you once were
The one without any filter
No cracks, vails, masks, distortion or blur
I dream of those eyes
I dream of them
That I may, like in the days of my memory, see you again
That I may see you with a vision so pure
A vision not of my heart, but of yours

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