Good morning to new bridges

Good morning to new bridges
The path on which we now walk
Let our steps lead to deep fountains
And may the springs of new life litter our path
Praise God for the birds that sing
Praise him for the brightness of the sun
He has made our way bright
And has flooded my heart with gratitude

Do not steer on the new sun
Do not let the glory that is before us, blind you
Rather, keep your eyes on the way before us
Let you heart thread on this road
As I too
That together, we may step over the horizon
And with your hand in mine,
Walk through the valleys that petrify

This morning meets us in good cheer, my friend
The night behind us was the birth of our story
That chance chose to dance with us
And our company, it sought out
So we may become kindred
Basking in the light that guides
And fighting through the dark nay restrains
This is our path, my new friend

Good morning to new bridges
They have brought us together
A companion to walk the earth with
What a beautiful night we have behind
What a glorious day is set before us
My new friend


Your company

Sit a little longer with me
Me lovely friend
Your company fills me with smiles
My heart is calm with you
And my soul bids time to cease it futile run
Let it rest for a moment
Let time stop its haste
So your company may be mine for a little longer
I am at peace with you here
My words flow calmly before you
They are unhindered in your presence
Your countenance gives them liberty
And in that, they flow with cheer
It brings me pleasure as they make you laugh
My heart by that, is warmed
It is filled with gladness by your cheer
And in that gladness, is its sustenance

Sit with me a little longer, my friend
Though the Night is old
My desire for your company remains insatiable

The present

How much the present terrifies
It abounds in an entirety that engulfs one
Incomprehensible till it is gone
Understanding of it abound only in retrospect
Perpetually delayed in its nature
And stealing the chance of understanding the new present

Oh, How the present terrifies
Never to be held, it slithers away from grasp
Taunting one with itself
For even in its seat, none can grasp of its nature
Within it, lies the complexity of chance
An ever-increasing permutation of convolution

Tomorrow remains unpredictable
Teasing one with its possibilities
A dance of seduction and rejection
Yesterday hunts with its tales
Like a banquet beyond reach
But the now; present, here, and yet elusive

And so the arms of time pick me up
In a gentle dance, it leans in with a whisper
A voice, calm, strong, cold, fast
Of its words, I hear none
It speaks to my being but skips my ear
Its knowledge seeps into me

None can grasp the present
None can taste of the past
And tomorrow is beyond your grasp
So man in bound within time
Yet, of his bondages, he has no grasp
A prisoner with no bars to hold
Here lies the object of his fear
Here lies the principle of his horrors

Lo, he has learnt to live within it
Drunken from the cup of ignorance
This stupor is his bliss
This stupor is his illusion of salvation
May he never be awoken to the plight of his being
May his understanding forever be intoxicated
Lest the horror causes his heart to cease
And place in the arms of death, his hope of escape

Commit thyself

May men devote themselves to critical thinking
That in wisdom they may speak
For folly is the order of the day
And ignorance, the badge of honour
Paraded by many, adored by more

May I take this liberty
And candidly make my utterances
Laying bare, words without roots:
Trees that will, rather than grow, wither
And in the days of danger, feed the flames that destroy us

Commit yourselves to critical thinking
May your advocacy of thyself, look from both direction
And your words, like crossing a road, look both ways before travel
Lest there may be idiocy hiding in its cloak
And thus, the heart of men, poisoned

Let critical thinking be your first counsel
And let pride return to silence
That men may be honest in their words
And of introspect, hold in high regard
Lest foolishness run amok in thy midst

Devote yourself to critical thinking
And may the wings of words be cut short
That they may only walk before men
But walk, with deep caution would they
Lest they get trampled upon

I beg you again
Commit yourself to critical thinking
Let us stew longer, over our thought
Let the volume of our words dwindle
That our hearts may flourish [in wisdom]


While in the rainy night

I watched her as she twirled
The drops crashing on her made her dance grandiose
The gloom of rain lifted from her
She glowed like the nightlight
Our hearts were warmed and the night was cheered
What blessedness has befallen us

Our hearts were glad to see her dance
Her arms she lifted high, as her feet parted the rising waters
Ripples danced along with her
Carrying her heart in all directions, they spread her cheer
With every twist, stretch and turn
Her shine dazzled all present

In the presence of her joy, did I bask
For it comforted my soul
Her excitement filled my sense
And the laughter deep within me, did it call
That it may rise with ferocity
Bobbling from the deepest part of my being

She danced with such excitement
Spinning, smiling, leaping and landing
The rain was no deterrent
The waters that had drowned my joys, were no hindrance
I long to learn of her joy
That such graciousness may be mine

Let such grace be unto me
Let such a heart warm my heart
That in the mist of the dark and gloomy night
When the heavens wail and men cower
When the night and hearts are blue
May I, in the [dark cold] rain, dance

Look, Laura

Look, Laura
A voice comes from over there
Its sails across the room, and serenades the hearts around
Over the smell of caffeine and chocolate
Over the tantalizing aroma of croissants and contemplation
The soothing, travels in a gentle flow
Its nests on the hearts of many
And grows their smile from its calm

Look, Laura
She smiles while she plays
The keys dance beneath her fingers
Of here beauty, they are mesmerized
Of her voice, they are captivated
The joy that befalls them; black and white
That by such graciousness, they sing so beautifully
How blessed those keys are

Listen, Laura
A heart flows through the air
It intrudes not on the conversations of the patrons
Of their duties, it does not hinder
Of their heart, only there, does it captivate
A voice, ever so soothing
A sound, ever so pleasing
A melody, ever so serenading

Listen, Laura
A heart reaches out to yours [and mine]
Holding its stare, and bringing it to calm
In chaos, was your [my] day spent
In commotion, has time revealed itself
But in the beauty of the moment,
Where on this sounds, a heart, ever so lovely, floats
There, calm accosts you [me]
There it brings tranquil to worries
And our greatest distractions are cast aside
As we behold, of this evening, the melodies of the singer

Tonight in retrospect

On this road he sat, clutching his leg
Her head hung low as the tears streamed down her cheek
Sorrow engulfed him
Sorrow born out of her pain
He clutched his side
And the agony of regret stood over her; steering
Noose in hand, ready to let his feet dangle
Ready for the night’s arrival
She looked over her shoulder
His thought wallowing over the beauty of the setting sun
No, she was not ready for the tickle of wonder
Not even the mightiest of quests seemed appealing to him
For though her eyes looked over the sun,
His heart was surmounted by weights so big

What use is the setting sun, while I walk into the night
Of what purpose is its red glow, while the blackness approaches?
It shone on my yesterday; and the day before
Of my then, has it brightened
But the now is here, and the impending night is inevitable

He sits on the edge of this road
Her back to the setting sun
His heart is riddled by the mystery
Maybe she will find danger in the night
Or in his step, find treachery
The night is dark and unrelenting
Like the direst of winds and rain
Like the ever scorching heat of the desert
Like the inevitability of hunger
Like such, has she resented her heart to
That the night may come to him in all its being
And in its ferocity, it should approach
She prays in silence as the unquestionable time moves by
May the warmth from the sun keep us through this night
And may it, in the morrow
Wake to find us


On his back he lay
Waiting  for the time to pull him away
Reality felt heavy on his front
Gravity, at full throttle
His chest heaved high and low,
The gentle that surrounded him was inevitable
Blanketing him tightly, it clasped his body low
Its presence weighed on his chest
His insides were devoid of it

How the day had crawled by
Running though his cells
Releasing them from the burden of energy
Time, taking with it the strength of the morning
Moments robbing him of enthusiasm
Leaving in their wake, the frailty before you
He crumbles back into a pile; routine
He crumbles in a pile; A broken pot
A vessel with no content

Here he lies
Unable to beckon on sleep to take
Unwilling to rise
The morning will come without welcome
The sun would rise without encouragement
The day will run without coaching
And he will be exhausted without resistance
This is the plight of him
This is the plight of man

In a playground

I would sit in the playground
Hoping, waiting, wishing
Wishing that the fun would slip through these cracks
And embed itself in me
Sip through my brokenness and find my sorrow

I pray that that these laughters serenade my dry skin
Fixing the cracks and filling my faltering body
Let diffusion bring your dense joy into my lowly saturated insides
Let it halt the end of me

I sit here in the playground
Mourning the fun-lessness I suffer
Can a smile find me?
Can a laugh reach to the center of me?

I sit, engrossed in sorry, in this playground
Would joy find this crumbling soul?
Would its touch restore the disintegrating being?
Else, I fear, my end is at hand

The cracks break me apart
The fear of them pulls me apart
I thirst for relief
This thirst is crushing

I sit in this play ground, under the burden of hope


I stand here, looking at your footprint
The presence of your past
Deep groves looking up at the sky
Deep groves looked upon by the star
I wish to fill them
But these tears slip though the sand
I once again fail to fill you
Once again, I fail to feel you
The presence of your past holds me in this trance
A lasso, gripping my soul to here
I am bound in your wake
A life stopped at this crack you’ve left
How just your footprint in the sand hold me bound
The have me here, held deathly bound
They pull every inch of my being to the ground
The weigh on my entirety, the realisation of your absence
I am broken and these tears travel through my cracks
They sting as they run through the groves of my brokeness
Running through me and into your footprints in the sand
And once again, they fail to fill them