The rise of disdain – (Find my solitude – V)

Beyond his steps were the thoughts that filled him
Through these days, his mind has been filled with these feelings
Stretched, they wrap themselves around every moment
They bore deep into him and embed themselves
The dissatisfaction did more than linger
What was once a steady strum turned to a raving thunder
What was once passable, turned to discomfort
Chaos troubled him

The flirting had turned to a full blown relationship
His heart now lavished its entirety on her
If solitude doth exist, then it is desirable
If it lay beyond today, then tomorrow is worth striving for
His heart is warmed to solitude
His being is overcome with desire
And a disdain for chaos is overwhelming
A repulsion that engulfs, like a flame, the body

To where can a heart search
To where can legs walk
To where can these arms paddle
I long to traverse the earth in search of solitude
Over the path that I know not
Over the night road and the morning lane
I long that at the end of my effort solitude may find me
And in its comfort, will I bask for eternity

In my heart has disdain found abode
At enmity with Chaos; once my companion
That I may find solitude fast
That I may find solitude and be at calm
That disdain may not consume me
And of my being, bring to ruin
I long to find that which my heart now seeks
May solitude be found as I search the earth



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