Benevolence of Loved

You my dear, are where my heart finds peace
It takes shelter in your loving embrace
Of your warmth, does it find vitality
Not even the cruelty of monsters can touch it
As it lays in the calm of your embrace
And of the pestilence that wrought destruction
It is fortified from
In you, my dear, has it found succour
In your bosom, it finds tranquillity
Content floods its entirety
It is enchanted by you
And your roots, does it lavish with love
Bidding the world to shine on you
It calls on existence to fill your heart with pleasure
And the waters that run this earth
It calls on to your garden
That its flowers may flourish in all seasons
Fruits and vivacity may abide in this garden
And the beautiful sounds of minstrels
Enchanted with the finest off melody
Accompanied by the most beautiful of orchestras
May they serenade your garden
My love rests in you, my dear
It have found peace in your heart
And in your presence, has it found fruition
Glowing brighter than the heavens, at the scent of your aura
Flourishing, like the orchids of the gods, at your pleasure
A magnificence, only you create
Only by you, has LOVE found itself

Praise be your benevolence
For it is in a love for you
That LOVE has found solace


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