Breath in, deeply

Breath in, deeply
Exhale with a puff from your mouth
Let your chest rise
Fill the crevices of your lungs with air
And when they are, to the brim, let them fall
Let the air flow from your mouth
Let these action bring calm to your body
The heart of the anxious runs away with its fears
Its anticipation whips it into action
Longing, is a dreadful master
Unbridled desires, drive harder than tyrants
Leading one to edge of despair
And on this cliff
Where hope is deferred
There, guilt camps
Peering up, it calls for the despondent
Beckoning onto the racing heart
The ears of anticipation, is attentive to suc
And its whip, again, it cracks

Do not camp on this hill
Do not lay there
Like the sweet voice of the sirens
Guilt calls your heart to itself
And in its bosom, it promises respite
Be gone from it
Enclose your ears in your hands
Hold them tight
That these enticements will go unheard
Do not trust your confidence
Though guilt wait far below the cliff
It allies itself with gravity, and a fall will be quick
Do not camp on this cliff
Lest you give in to the illusion of calm;
The disguised serenity guilt and regret present
And fall victim to their deceits

Let your lungs rise and fall
Let the deep breath fill you with emptiness
That the unknown of tomorrow may find room
Breath in deeply
Let calm engulf you
And your racing heart, be set still




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