In a playground

I would sit in the playground
Hoping, waiting, wishing
Wishing that the fun would slip through these cracks
And embed itself in me
Sip through my brokenness and find my sorrow

I pray that that these laughters serenade my dry skin
Fixing the cracks and filling my faltering body
Let diffusion bring your dense joy into my lowly saturated insides
Let it halt the end of me

I sit here in the playground
Mourning the fun-lessness I suffer
Can a smile find me?
Can a laugh reach to the center of me?

I sit, engrossed in sorry, in this playground
Would joy find this crumbling soul?
Would its touch restore the disintegrating being?
Else, I fear, my end is at hand

The cracks break me apart
The fear of them pulls me apart
I thirst for relief
This thirst is crushing

I sit in this play ground, under the burden of hope


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