While in the rainy night

I watched her as she twirled
The drops crashing on her made her dance grandiose
The gloom of rain lifted from her
She glowed like the nightlight
Our hearts were warmed and the night was cheered
What blessedness has befallen us

Our hearts were glad to see her dance
Her arms she lifted high, as her feet parted the rising waters
Ripples danced along with her
Carrying her heart in all directions, they spread her cheer
With every twist, stretch and turn
Her shine dazzled all present

In the presence of her joy, did I bask
For it comforted my soul
Her excitement filled my sense
And the laughter deep within me, did it call
That it may rise with ferocity
Bobbling from the deepest part of my being

She danced with such excitement
Spinning, smiling, leaping and landing
The rain was no deterrent
The waters that had drowned my joys, were no hindrance
I long to learn of her joy
That such graciousness may be mine

Let such grace be unto me
Let such a heart warm my heart
That in the mist of the dark and gloomy night
When the heavens wail and men cower
When the night and hearts are blue
May I, in the [dark cold] rain, dance


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