My dying candle

I fear to stretch out
For evil is lurking close
This candle is fading fast
And my reach of safety is closing in on me
The darkness circles close
It hosts the deepest fears that seek me
I see their breath as they paces with impatience
I see my demise circling me

I fear to stretch my hands beyond the light
My breath is pulled into me
This I do, so my body is compact and away from the dark
I dare not shiver, I dare not sway
I smell the breath of my demise around me
And I grow cold from the fear
This is my terror, this is my trepidation
I cannot hold my breath in longer, for I am beginning to sway

I am a prey waiting for my devourer
Holding tight this candle, I pray for the everlasting
I pray for the sunrise to charge in
I pray, not for my salvation, just for an end to this terror

Under your voice

Drown me in your voice
That the claws of reason may recede
Plant my head in your turmoil
And with the thunder of your sound
I ask that you cover me
So my days may, to me, be traversable
And my inner-voice be overcome by distraction
Let the bickering of conscience be lost in you
May they be, in your loud voice, drowned

Raise your voice over the compulsion of reason
Raise them over the pressure of thought
For my days are chained by its grip
Tied to the earth, my being is imprisoned by logic
Ye, caution has bound my wings
That I may not venture into the unknown
And I may not be overcome by the wild
With its leash on my existence
It has kept me away from the deep waters

Come save me for its compulsion is strong
And its reasoning, I cannot fault
I beg you, to grant me lull
For your voice is loud and thundering
It dwarfs the monster of contemplation
And the gist of thought, it overcomes by the boom-bap
So I may venture into the deep ocean in dark peace
And from the grasp of guilt, be temporarily liberated
Liberated till slumber overshadows me

Tried by me

Bound in doubt
I have been cast, by my conscience
Cast to be tried
And before this jury, I stutter
Eyes peer down at me
Their intensity, shrinks further, my fading confidence
Their voicelessness pulls at my being
It pulls relentlessly while my body resists
This tension; my second distress

Bound in doubt I stand
Slaving under my growing ignorance
The inquest demands my identity
They demand my presentation of self
They demand, that they must understand me
And to this request, I am most ignorant
For of myself, I am most ignorant
The knowledge of I, eludes even me
And the weight of such ignorance, is crushing

Bound in doubt
I stand in trial before my conscience
That I must divulge myself to me
That, is the purpose of this inquest
That, is the source of my despair

In the arms of tomorrow

Only in the arms of tomorrow
Are the tales of today set
For the hearts of men may cry for trust
And soul overflow with desire
Till their bosom is pouring with want
And their boundaries, with expectation
Even in in such, is such assurance eschew

Still, through the drowning and amidst the chaos
These hearts reach further for that which eludes them
They quest in their biddings for a grasp of it
And in knowledge and understanding, they search
They string together theories and predictions
They lay offerings at the pedestal of reason
Praying for a semblance of assurance
Yet, certainty eludes them
Beyond their grasp it perpetually lays
Tickling the tips of their fingers, it toys with them
Never to be embraced, never to be welcomed
Like the horizon, it teases their heart with its existence
Like a seductive dance, it arouses the thirst of men
Never to be satisfied, never to be tasted

So in the face of all that accosts men
In the presence of the hills and mountains
Through the dark caves and slippery valleys
The heart, cursed with this desire, thumps
Seeking certainty, seeking its calming grasp
That it may, in the wake of troubling waves
Look it in its eye, crack a smile, and utter a verdict

A verdict, shrouded in certainty
A verdict, devoid of doubt
A verdict that will come to be


Let us dance again
Let us dance under the gentle wind
Where our hearts can cast open their wings
And our thoughts can dive into the deepest seas
That we may fall into the bosom of each other
And dwell in the euphoria we deeply desire

Let me take your hand in mine
Gently hold your soft palm in the groove of mine
Let me lead you in gentle rhythm
As we soar on the calmness of perfection
While our souls are engulfed in this peace
This peace that serenades our hearts

Rest your head on my chest
As we calmly bring this dance to its end
Let your arms hold me close
Let them never let me go
As I bask in the peace of your embrace
And reminisce on the bliss of this dance

Joy on display

Out of the hidden crevices
From the depth of solace
Out of the obscurity of darkness
Let it rise

Place it on the pedestal
Let light reflect on it
Let today be brightened by it
And the sun should admire it

It will bring warmth to the icy world
The stranger on his feet will be excited
The patron with his coffee will be infected
The baby with a toy will be covered in it

Bring joy forth from your depth
Let it lie across your face
The sweet smell of your smile
The path of your joy


A hug is for two

Hold me close to you
Hold me close to your beating heart
Hold me close, in your embrace
Hold me close, in your warmth
Hold me close, so I don’t slip away
Hold me, my dear

Hold me in your arms
Hold me, that my racing heart may come to rest
Hold me till these quivering arms are at ease
hold me till these blurry vision regains it clarity
Hold me till my worry become inconsequential
Hold me till safety engulfs me

Hold me close to your smile
Hold me in your love
Hold under the rhythm of your heart
Hold me in the stillness of your calm
Hold me in the peace of your affection
Hold me, as I hold unto you

Hold me till our hearts synchronise
Hold me. Wrap your arms around me
Hold onto me, that I may not let you slip
Hold me till my love is wrapped around you
Hold me, let my warmth shield you from this cold world
Hold me, and rest in my embrace

Hold me as I hold unto you
Hold me, that I may find peace in your arms
As you, in mine.

Taste of the past

Should I hate my old taste?
~ in music, art, design, style, food?
Is my old self unevolved to my new
Or is today a new day?
That I stumble upon the pleasures of now
And topple back into the desires of yesterday
And at their feet have I fallen
Is the cloak of shame best suited for me
Would my warmth come in that?
Is there solace in their embrace?

But yesterday tastes so sweet
The nectar from its fruit is luscious to my mouth
It smells of the sweet aroma of nostalgia
So I savour that accord over the taste
That I may not be chided for my desire
Nor should I be reproached for my unevolved taste
For I am meant to be of a matured mind
One of the Gods; look down at the peasants of mundane desires
In the dust of the earth does his heart lie
Far from the pleasures of the gods

But what makes angels better than the serpents?
What makes horses more prestigious than flies?
Are they not of glories in their own self?
What made today chicer than yesterday?
Is not every moment a glory of its own?
Did not beauty, of its own, exist before the eyes of the beholder?
Is not splendour, of its own disposition, perfect without crowns?
Then why are my ways dubbed childish in the face of tomorrow?

Let nostalgia fall to the earth
Let memories enjoy the rest of their old
Let desire be pleasured
And let the pleasure of now, be the pleasure of today

Breath deep, and savour the pleasure
For today is its own beauty
Today is its own glory

Path of uncertainty

And at the end of this path
He turned, with remorse in his eyes
For his footprints were scattered all over the road
Plastered on walls and tree
The traces of his perambulating made evident
Forever engraved in yesterday, his fingerprints filled the air
An indelible reminder of his presence
Not for once in coordination
Look, they all told a tale
One of doubt and confusion
For his yesterday is set as a path of confusion
And the brave, must avoid  it

The dust shall never settle
The story shall never be untold
That every moment was mucked with uncertainty
Guarded by fear
And escorted by doubt
On limbs that were shaky he walked
For uncertainty rumbled in his being
And by their dictates, did he trod this path
Wobbling, scuttling, scampering

Watch the dust rise
Watch the earth disperse beneath him
For the path of the uncertain, troubles the ground
And his air has painted the earth
Now in his tomorrow, regret awaits
In his tomorrow, will the arms of remorse hold him
That his broken heart may bear the sight behind him
For the fruits that hung within reach
Have fallen on the ground
Only to be trodden upon by those who walk in his precepts


Will death bring light?
Will the broken window, let in the new air?
Will this fractured reality, ensue new life?
Will damnation spur compassion?
Will despair grow optimism?

And so the baby crawled out of the shell
Fully grown, fully aware
Its face winced at the assault from the light
The cold of life embraced it in shivers

How can this be better than the darkness?
How can this be better than my cocoon?
How can this fracture be better than death?
Is not my damnation the peace I found?
How is such optimism, right?

That the vices tomorrow presents are daunting
This sea, flowing in a different path opposes its being
Rushing in its face, the current drags against it
There is much ease in working with the waters

Will this struggle lead to the rising sun?
Will breaking through its flow, fill me with the air of freshness?
Will such a dire alternative, fill me with vitality?
Will my pending pain grow in me, the branch of compassion?
Will hope rise in the face of such despair?