Why I desire

I will sit all night and talk
Let your heart fill mine with joy
And hopefully, mine, yours
Let excitement shine in my eyes
For my restrains have been taken away
They have fallen to the ground and
The earth approves of your presence here
And so these chains have turned to flowers
The night leans in around us, and fills us with serenity
You bring peace to my innermost being

Even you silence fills my souls
I am captivated by your aura
You lift my desire from the depths of the earth
I plead with time, that it may stop
And that here will be forever
That these hearts will be forever
I plead with time, that it may stop
So the obscurity of tomorrow may forever be at bay
That its hand may never reach this moment
This dear moment where we are free from its grasp

My words find comfort in you
They have discovered a safety in you
Watch them flow unchallenged
My fears can no longer hold them back
Like cute little puppies [and kittens], they emerge from the safety of me
From the restrain of excessive pensivity
These bridges have been lowered by your presence
And the guards have found comfort in you
Now my heart can flow of its truth
This, my dear, is why your company is my desire


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