Unrelenting life

The demands of life are unrelenting
A constant bickering for the devotion of man
Arms stretched in anticipation of its pleasure
Like a spoilt child, it grasps for all it desire
And a tantrum it would bestow on the rejection of its wishes
Its heart bleeds chaos when defied
Its voice shrieks out in defiance of civility

Like the whipping of a chord, its presence travels the length of time
Stirring up chaos in the days to come
It reaches onto tomorrow in its displeasure
And the strings of happiness, it cuts
A temper most outrageous
Life is unforgiving in its demands
A child, a brat, a tyrant

The demands of life are unrelenting
It heaps, on the backs of those who toil, its burdenous requests
For even in the face of grief, sorrow and anguish, it barks
Seeking that all attend first to its bidding
Seeking that all bow first to it pleasure
And with it sceptre it taps their back
Deeming them responsible

Let one curl up in a ball and cry
Let one sink down into his pit and wallow
For the heart is engulfed in sorrow
And the distractions of the sun are unpleasant
The heart desires the darkness that comforts
The cold that ushers in the nothingness
In this solitude does it desire to repose

These, a heart desires
But the demands of life are unrelenting


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