In the arms of tomorrow

Only in the arms of tomorrow
Are the tales of today set
For the hearts of men may cry for trust
And soul overflow with desire
Till their bosom is pouring with want
And their boundaries, with expectation
Even in in such, is such assurance eschew

Still, through the drowning and amidst the chaos
These hearts reach further for that which eludes them
They quest in their biddings for a grasp of it
And in knowledge and understanding, they search
They string together theories and predictions
They lay offerings at the pedestal of reason
Praying for a semblance of assurance
Yet, certainty eludes them
Beyond their grasp it perpetually lays
Tickling the tips of their fingers, it toys with them
Never to be embraced, never to be welcomed
Like the horizon, it teases their heart with its existence
Like a seductive dance, it arouses the thirst of men
Never to be satisfied, never to be tasted

So in the face of all that accosts men
In the presence of the hills and mountains
Through the dark caves and slippery valleys
The heart, cursed with this desire, thumps
Seeking certainty, seeking its calming grasp
That it may, in the wake of troubling waves
Look it in its eye, crack a smile, and utter a verdict

A verdict, shrouded in certainty
A verdict, devoid of doubt
A verdict that will come to be


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