I have chased after it for days without end
Since the dawn of mindfulness
My feet have become swift from ceaseless running
They traverse the surface of the earth with hastily
Digging deep and leaping high
Watch how they terrify the earth

My arms stretch to the ends of the earth
They tickle the horizon
The treasures of the oceans depth, they pull close
They possess the strength of the gods;
They sling the core of the earth, and place it in the heavens
They lift the gifts of gaia and char them into shape

My vision has grown by the day
Yesterday and tomorrow are not hidden from it
Understanding is before me
Wisdom is right before me
Not darkness nor light can hide knowledge from me
Not death nor life

My hearing has been made perfect
I listen to the whispers of angels
The tales for the ears of the heavens, I have privyed myself to
That I may giggle like the angels
And on their knowledge, I may feast
Till my heart overflows

And yet I chase
I chase the sun with the entirety of me
Until my strength withered, sight failed, arm wilted and hearing faded
Finally, my heart has laid in rest and defeat
Failing sight peering at the setting sun
But desire burning ever so ferociously;
Never to be quenched


Warm and calming

As my palms wrap around it
Its warmth decimated every other sense
And as the moment lingers, I felt my grip tighten
Cold abound about
But your warmth is mine
Gentle to the lips, pleasing to the tongue
You fill my inside with your heat
I am in calm from your presence
Questions abound on the peripheral of my thought
The answers, to which, I have none
Is there wisdom in your being?”
Is knowledge found in your presence?
Is tranquil bound in you?
Again, I take a sip from the cup
And let my insides be warmed by this tea

There is calm here
There is respite in this cup
There is, within my palm, peace
There is relaxation here

This is, in my warm cup of tea



By you, my dear friend  

Thought my words are far from you
My heart is incessant in its pursuit of your presence
It longs for your company
Pacing about in circles, it is overwhelmed by impatience
Though the times are against us
Though distance is camped in our presence
Though  silence has engulfed our conversations
And the lines of life have robbed us of attention
You still, my dear friend, remain close to my heart
That is why I can walk in the cold
For the warmth of your words guide me
That is why the day seems to be forever
For the spark from you keeps at bay, the night
That is why I can smile at the burning world
Because knowing you, fills the future with bliss

Though my words are from from you, my friend
Though silence seems to be all I have shared in recent times
Though the space between us seems perpetually wide
You my friend, are dear to my heart
And your smile, continually is the warmth by which I navigate this cold world

Lost virtue

Trapped is the heart
Whose virtue is lost
It is sealed in the depths of obscurity
Light is estranged from it
Darkness absolves its self of it
And the refreshing touch of music is lost
The streams of life is drained from its surface
No stream, river or spring
Watch its surface dry and crack
The plants dry and butterflies flutter away
Taking with them, the colors
No blue, pink, orange, spots, stripes or purple

Dying is the heart that has lost its virtue
Tomorrow, like today is bleak
Pleasure is distant from it
Dust is the only applauded in its wake
Dying, is this hearts calling
And steadfast in it, is it

and so the rain fell on the heart
From the day beyond tomorrow
From the time beyond now
For the moment beyond later, rain fell
Its spill was from away
For the heart beheld another in love
The heart beheld a thriving heart in love
Fervently throbbing in passion
And in that was its taste of refreshment
In that was its challenge to death
In that was a sliver of life
And so rain fell on the heart
And a taste for tomorrow was birthed



Whisper in the ear of adversaries
Better yet;
Whisper in the face of adversaries
Pour fourth your heart on its countenance
May your soul find its way into its core
Till its entrails are filled with the rage that burns in you
One that causes an earthquake in its core
Tremble must resonate in its core
This, till its falls and shatters
This is the strength in your whisper

Lean closer
Lean into the ears of adversary
Better yet
Lean into the face of adversary
Let the flames that burn in your soul rest of its face
Let your breath speak for your impudence
Till your disdain for such foes, is made known
And your tenacity for conquest is feared
Then the storms of tomorrow may back down
And your ship would sail across time in calm

Call from your deep the whisper that resides there
Let those low tones present your heart
That terror from you, may reside in the catastrophe that seeks you
And its resolve, may be shattered
Shattered under the weight of your whisper
Under the weight of your rage that broods in you

Sing to me the sweet song

Sing to me, the sweet song of understanding
Sing to me in the beautiful language of knowledge
Let wisdom be my lullaby;
The rhythm that pushes away the cloud on confusion
Gentle in the day, calming at night
This rhythm is filled with the wonders of history
Its insides are composed of the heart of the courageous
Yes! The hearts that have pushed the boundaries of understanding
They have shied not from the questions that rid us of sleep
This wind flows over them
Filling the earth with their scent
And the heart of seeker, does it fill with gratification

Sing to me in your sweet sweet voice, oh wisdom
I bid admonition to belt out the tune that chastises
Let my dance not lead me to demise
And let my gyration not send me tumbling
But in the gentle blues, let my reasoning be quickened
Quickened by your sweet voice
A voice that lifts the doubt by which visions are strangled
And in its stead, proffers poise
Now I can walk in its grace
Better yet, I can waltz in its splendor
For wisdom, soundness and reason, can raise a man
Even the most downtrodden is lifted

Sing to me, this beautiful song
Let the orchestra fill me
Lifting me from the daze of ignorance
That I may, too, be of great poise
Of this, I desire

Un-empathetic is day

Stop your busyness
Pay attention to me
I demand you cease every action
And all your devotion must be bestowed on me
For the day is gloomy
It weighs down my heart by the absence of Léon
The sun has receded from my grasp, and I am left to shiver
Shiver from the grey cold of this despicable world
My mouth is assaulted by the cruel taste of here
Starved of the flavours that once seduced it
Now the sweet company; that lifts my heart, is gone
I am accosted by the day dabbed in blandness
And through its tastelessness, I must trod
For no sympathy will be mine
None whatsoever
The sun hides behind the clouds; un-empathetic
The smiles that lift souls have become alien
Now the semblance of grief lingers
That this heart may pour forth its void
And the longing for Léon, may diminish

But time has given none this luxury
It paddles across the ocean of existence
And drags in its wake, the hearts of all
That be it of grief or joy, satisfaction or desperation
None shall get rest
Neither shall they be granted liberty
They shall wake and walk the day
Without the zeal to seize it, they shall be dragged in its wake
Till the sunset greets their broken bodies
And slumber, mends their wilted soul

Yet none shall douse this heart with sympathy
Not even the nonchalant time
It perpetually trods about its duty
Ferrying us all through existence

Tomorrow in hindsight

I want to dream
Of the day where I saw your smile
Where my heart sang a strange tune
And my soul was engulfed in a euphoria
One only possible by the oils of angels
Or the fuel of fate
The heat that emanated was not the least destructive
Its soothed my mind and steadied my soul
My smile had found a resting place
One where fear could not reach
Where its roots could sink into the moist soil
Where the flowing streams fed its branches
And its leaves blossomed
One where its branches reached for the heavens
Where the birds find haven on its tops
And in their nests they birth joy
And this joy fills the air with melody

I want a dream that reminds me of a time that is yet to be
I want this that I desire to be mine [to be yours]
A peace that strums my [our] heart to a symphony designed by the gods
From whose bosom, is life
Life in its fullest

Léon blues

Walk the little streets of this beautiful city
Let the wind walk through you
From calm to chaos, from flavor to flavor
Its pulse dances to the tune of time
This doubt flows through my being
Is this beautiful city conscious of me
Or is its pleasure just its nonchalance to my existence

Walk the stone paved streets of this beautiful city
Brewed in its own flavor of history
That it stands today is time’s gift to me
Its patron are humans filled with music
Filled with flavors, stories, smiles and struggles
Marinated under the son of España
There is a smile on the heart of those who behold this

Walk the lovely streets of this beautiful city
With company that keeps the heart alive
Beautiful in speech, peaceful in sight
That friendships may blossom in this city
Is the gift of angels
That a heart may find love in this city
Is the utmost of blessings

Walk this little streets of this beautiful city
Let your heart break in the wake of your departure
Let the days spent be the treasures of tomorrow
And the beauty of experiences, be judged by this
Walk the beautiful streets of this city
Fill your heart with its peace and desire
And maybe, chance will let you to see it again someday

Beauty in the horizon

The horizon seems brighter today
There is a twinkle in its light
Beauty rises from the midst that covered the dark
It pierces through the receding night
And in its eyes, hope resides
A light that pulls all to it
Its garment stretches to both ends of the heart
Its scent fills the air with peace
Its aura grants calm to my wary heart

I see beauty rise from the horizon
Majestic in its way
Hope resides in its heart
And in the depth of its soul is tomorrow made pleasant
Now there is a desire, in my heart, for sunrise
That in the break of day
Where the night is finally conquered
There, can a heart dream for
And in that time, can desire be tethered to

I see hope in the eyes of beauty
Rising from the horizon and making bright the breaking day
And it it, has my heart found peace