Her words

Her words trailed the room
They landed on his heart, and worked its way through
Its bleeding did not stop
Neither did her words bring healing
For that heart was torn and battered
Bruised by the coarse winds
Frayed by the tongues he leaned on
Now deserted, it bleeds profusely

See her words gracefully land on his heart
The bleeding never stops
This heart flows from a stream of abundance
Though his agony has ended, the bleeding continues
This pain is here forever
A compatriot; forever faithful
But now her words abides by it
Present with this heart that bleeds

Her words travers the room
It lays still on his heart
It neither stops the bleeding nor brings relief
His pain continues forever
And in his agony his heart looks to her words
In them does his pain find a semblance of itself
A rarity for his sadness
An oddity for his remorse

Peer closer
Look on her words
In them you see her bleeding heart; present beside his
A school of crying hearts
For she brought no conviction or consolation
Neither is comfort a gift she presents
Only another heart, bleeding of its own accord
Has her word laid beside his heart


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