At her feet

Listening, he sat at her feet
Words as beautiful as the bright sky, flowed to him
Words in stories, songs, whispers, silence
Words in humming, laughs, chuckle, smile
He listened to them all
And his heart soaked them in

He sat at her feet, with heart engrossed
His entire being, attentive to her tune
The minute and gigantic, all inconsequential to him
As his admiration, flowed unhindered on them
For these feet were most beautiful
And a beautiful soul, did they carry

At her feet he sat
In a world where he was content
Listening to the sounds from her heart
His yearning for her grew as they flowed into him
His heart was in bliss
Charged to race for eternity

His peace was full as he sat at her feet
Content with the now and desirous of more
Of her beauty, he could not get enough
And so this smile stretched over his elated face
While his heart shone like the midday sun
For his soul, made bright, by her sweet sweet words

He sat at her feet and wished this eternity
The worries of tomorrow were estranged and far
Overshadowed by the sweet smell of her beautiful word
Consumed by the radiance of her gracious touch
His heart was engulfed by emotions unexplained
As he sat, calmly and happy, with his feet on his lap


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