Sing to me the sweet song

Sing to me, the sweet song of understanding
Sing to me in the beautiful language of knowledge
Let wisdom be my lullaby;
The rhythm that pushes away the cloud on confusion
Gentle in the day, calming at night
This rhythm is filled with the wonders of history
Its insides are composed of the heart of the courageous
Yes! The hearts that have pushed the boundaries of understanding
They have shied not from the questions that rid us of sleep
This wind flows over them
Filling the earth with their scent
And the heart of seeker, does it fill with gratification

Sing to me in your sweet sweet voice, oh wisdom
I bid admonition to belt out the tune that chastises
Let my dance not lead me to demise
And let my gyration not send me tumbling
But in the gentle blues, let my reasoning be quickened
Quickened by your sweet voice
A voice that lifts the doubt by which visions are strangled
And in its stead, proffers poise
Now I can walk in its grace
Better yet, I can waltz in its splendor
For wisdom, soundness and reason, can raise a man
Even the most downtrodden is lifted

Sing to me, this beautiful song
Let the orchestra fill me
Lifting me from the daze of ignorance
That I may, too, be of great poise
Of this, I desire


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