Whisper in the ear of adversaries
Better yet;
Whisper in the face of adversaries
Pour fourth your heart on its countenance
May your soul find its way into its core
Till its entrails are filled with the rage that burns in you
One that causes an earthquake in its core
Tremble must resonate in its core
This, till its falls and shatters
This is the strength in your whisper

Lean closer
Lean into the ears of adversary
Better yet
Lean into the face of adversary
Let the flames that burn in your soul rest of its face
Let your breath speak for your impudence
Till your disdain for such foes, is made known
And your tenacity for conquest is feared
Then the storms of tomorrow may back down
And your ship would sail across time in calm

Call from your deep the whisper that resides there
Let those low tones present your heart
That terror from you, may reside in the catastrophe that seeks you
And its resolve, may be shattered
Shattered under the weight of your whisper
Under the weight of your rage that broods in you


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