Lost virtue

Trapped is the heart
Whose virtue is lost
It is sealed in the depths of obscurity
Light is estranged from it
Darkness absolves its self of it
And the refreshing touch of music is lost
The streams of life is drained from its surface
No stream, river or spring
Watch its surface dry and crack
The plants dry and butterflies flutter away
Taking with them, the colors
No blue, pink, orange, spots, stripes or purple

Dying is the heart that has lost its virtue
Tomorrow, like today is bleak
Pleasure is distant from it
Dust is the only applauded in its wake
Dying, is this hearts calling
And steadfast in it, is it

and so the rain fell on the heart
From the day beyond tomorrow
From the time beyond now
For the moment beyond later, rain fell
Its spill was from away
For the heart beheld another in love
The heart beheld a thriving heart in love
Fervently throbbing in passion
And in that was its taste of refreshment
In that was its challenge to death
In that was a sliver of life
And so rain fell on the heart
And a taste for tomorrow was birthed


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