I have chased after it for days without end
Since the dawn of mindfulness
My feet have become swift from ceaseless running
They traverse the surface of the earth with hastily
Digging deep and leaping high
Watch how they terrify the earth

My arms stretch to the ends of the earth
They tickle the horizon
The treasures of the oceans depth, they pull close
They possess the strength of the gods;
They sling the core of the earth, and place it in the heavens
They lift the gifts of gaia and char them into shape

My vision has grown by the day
Yesterday and tomorrow are not hidden from it
Understanding is before me
Wisdom is right before me
Not darkness nor light can hide knowledge from me
Not death nor life

My hearing has been made perfect
I listen to the whispers of angels
The tales for the ears of the heavens, I have privyed myself to
That I may giggle like the angels
And on their knowledge, I may feast
Till my heart overflows

And yet I chase
I chase the sun with the entirety of me
Until my strength withered, sight failed, arm wilted and hearing faded
Finally, my heart has laid in rest and defeat
Failing sight peering at the setting sun
But desire burning ever so ferociously;
Never to be quenched


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