A kind heart & A heart of Love

When a kind heart finds love, the heavens rejoice
The stars are caught in a swirl of praise
And the sun and the moon burst into a waltz of ecstasy
The earth in excitement covers its face with flowers
The rivers dance in a meander across the earth
Even the night own bursts into a song

For the kind heart is loved by all
– By the angels and kings
– By the mighty and the glorious
– By the sweet singing minstrels and drummers
– By the little children and the men of war
Yes! The kind heart has, in them, found favour

Look at the ecstasy that abounds on the one who brings love
You prince of this earth
You are most glorious in your walk
Most fervent in your desire
The earth bestows its pride on you
And the heavens, that raised you, crowns you with is majesty
But these all fall short in comparison
Not even the brightest sun can compare
For your glory lies in this heart of kindness
It radiates through the darkest night
And the illumination of day is laid to waste before this glory
Before this glory which your heart of love has found

Let your love rest gently on this kind heart
Let it be like a stream of life from whence it thrives
Let this kind heart find succour in your love
For today, the heart of love and the heart of diligence have become one
And their thump has emerged in unison
That kindness is to itself: that love is to itself

Blessed is this day
For this kind heart and the heart of love, have become one


I will hold your hands

I will hold your hand, my friend
Though we may walk through new paths
Under dark stars and crying clouds
Through the angered mist and bowing branches
Though we traverse the oceans
On rafts; tattered and feeble
Over storms and towering waves
I will hold your hands
I will let my fingers lie between your
I will, with my breath and smile, keep you calm
I will fight the chaos that engulfs us
For your sake

Look to me, my dear friend
I will hold your hand across the seas
Over the deserts and mounting, the hills and canyons
Across bridges and under arches
I will hold your hands
Till your heart finds its smile

I will hold your hand, my friend
To find my comfort and peace
Till your smile finds my heart, and beyond
Till my breath finds it rhythm, and beyond
Till my vision finds clarity, and beyond
Till forever, my friend. Forever

I will hold your hand, my friend
If you will, hold mine

Where we once trod

I will walk on this path we once trod
When fingers were intertwined in a dance of seduction
Feel existence glide across my face; Smooth as the finest silk
Gently, it traces the path of memory; A lasso on lost emotions
Now it tugs at them with strong forces
Watch them rise to the surface
Bringing with them a pool of tears
Who would have known.
That their burial was only a plug on my sorrows
Now, here they come like a flood
The towers of today are threatened under its ferociousness
The mountains we see are ridiculed under this impending charge
For it marches onward; undeterred, unfettered
I confess!
None can stop it
None can make peace with it
The sorrow will flow and encompass all
This, I am most assured of

And by the peripheral of my conscience
The question abounds;
Why do I subject myself to this
Why walk this path that will bring my demise
Under whose command am I subject?
To whose satisfaction do I walk?
To whose satisfaction do I walk this path of pain?

With eyes, charred by the burning of tears
He responds: I don’t know?

Where, heartbeat

I can’t sense your heartbeat anymore
And it sends shivers through me
Where has my heartbeat gone
[it seems to have eloped with yours]
Where has my warmth gone
[it seems to have walked away from me]
Why does my heart seem limp
Is this what death feels like

I stand on the pedestal of joy
And wallow in my green sorrow
For it grows uncontrollably
A storm most desperate to wreck me
Towering high and beneath me
Sweeping from under me, the earth
[were my sanity is planted]
[where my heart is planted]

I am drowning in the emptiness that I drape myself in
It fills my lungs and stuffs my heart
How much sadness can one heart hold?
Can’t these walls burst open and let it flow out?
[in tears, screams, sobs, panic or dance?]
I though, deeply doubt I can
I doubt I can muster the strength for an outflow
[in tears, screams, sobs, panic or dance?]

I am left alone on this stage
Music blaring, voices chanting
They pour on me their excitement
They watch it drool to the floor beneath me
My cold body repels them, fervently
For my warmth is gone, and the shiver is my ally
No! Your joy can’t hang on to me
I’m [deeply] sorry


Though the shivers run beneath our skin
Like the rumbling from elephants, rhinos and soldier
The tremors slither deep into our bones
Cutting a path close to the bones
Holding tight the nerves
Twisting to a knot, their ends
Oh! These tremors crawl through thin spaces
Through paths, cut open by your icy stares
They cause our hearts bolt of in anguish; drowned by adrenaline
Even the taste in our mouths run awry
Chalky and poisonous they’ve become
Cavity suddenly devoid of moisture
Even in then
When we are engulfed in silence
Holding tight jaws in denial of their rattle
Victims; robbed of the steady in our arms
Robbed of the composure in us
Yea, we live a hell
Where our peripherals are blurred to red
Lines have faded to squiggles
The tears have escaped us
Thirst has overcome our eyes
Breathing is trouble by clenched ribs
Like strong arms pulling back on persistence

Even then We know
We know that we would not be shaken
A resolve has been laid down
Its survival has forever been the death of us
Yes, even in then; we would not be shaken

 A girl I met

Once I met this girl
Most glorious was her presence
She smiled and the stars all bowed to her
She laughed and the sun was frowned in jealously
Her steps graced the earth and flowers grew
Her tears scorched it too, and deserts appeared
She spoke and the birds sang along
She danced and the oceans danced with her
Her excitement was spring
Her sleep was winter
Her sneeze was a hurricane
Her song was the birth of the universe
Her breath was the essence of life

Once I met this girl, and I danced with her
Her graciousness enveloped me
I spun her around, and found my world was heaven
I lifted her up, and found my heart was elated
I whispered to her, and found my heart was calmed
I sang to her, and found peace entering my heart
I held her in my arms, and I found serenity in my world

Once I met this girl
Most precious, most wonderful; none can liken

Once I met this girl
And the world has forever been beautiful

Your laugh, I carry

Lifted, high above the ground
I carry your laugh with me
A sound that flows though my being
I carry it close to my heart;
Warmth, has filled my soul
My arms pull it close, hoping that it may fuse with me
Now I chuckle at that thought

My dear, your laugh, I have placed within me
That the understanding of joy may grow in me
I hold dearly your lough
It is the brightness of my day; the illumination of my time
Moments lose their fire when it bubbles from my within
I carry your laugh with me; my dear
It rests close to soul

You laugh, my dear, is always with me
I shiver at the thought of it physically
It never is enough to [only] remember that sound
I long to always watch you laugh
It is a surge of life through me
I carry your laugh close to my heart
It must be what has kept me alive [this long]


I carry  [holding tight]  your laugh with me
For life is the darkest this world can muster
I carry  [squeezing tight]  your laugh; always
For it quickens my breath when my body wills to fail
I carry  [guarding jealously]  you laugh in my arms
For to lose it is to lose the light of life
I carry  [preciously]  your laugh with me
For you, my darling, are my darling

Claws and Talons

Do I have claws? I mean talons?
I may. I guess I do
My fingers are stuck in the earth
The sheer force I pull with rips apart the planet
Look at its core bleed?
Does it bleed?
What does the earth bleed if cut?
I reach out and touch it.
It burns.

My talons or claws or fingers are still stuck in the earth
They are wedged tight between it
I am beginning to feel the heat from its inside
Surges of pain and desperation run through my body
They though hold a tickle that, I must confess, is enticing
[wiggle from shiver]
[Shiver again]

Hey! Look!
These hands are still stuck in the earth
I think there is pain here
But there is relief walking by its side
Lift my eyes up. Lift them to the horizon
I see satisfaction lingering
It meanders on its path towards me

Look my hand is firmly stuck in the . . .
Oh no!
It is stuck in my arm
My nails are dig deep into my arm
There is red blood walking out of me
This sensation is electrifying and confusing
And on its heel, is peace

My talons are in my arm
My arm is in my arm
I find peace in this, I find me in me
I am confused but know clarity abounds around me
For I have sunk my claws into the earth
Wishing to pry it open and feast on its core
Only to see that I am …

Here with you

There is a beauty being here with you
One that works well into the deep of my heart
It burrows deep into my soul
The secrets of my heart, has it found company with
This beauty brightens up the grotesque that consumes
It sooths the turmoil that flusters
Broken and shattered are restored
Or at the very least, mended

Let gold streams run through my cracks
Shine bright like the rivers of heaven
The one where the gods bath
Where angels have found solace
And the universe finds life
Run through me in shining shimmers

Now beauty comes from me
It shines and it flows out effortlessly
The path from my inside is paved in gold
And my countenance is graced with excitement
The is a spring flowing from me; peace
I can live here forever; forever and ever
You have filled my broken emptiness with gold
This here, my dear, is the beauty of being with you

Joy for you, my friend

I am filled with joy for you, my friend
The sun shines in your path
Its rays dance to the rhythm of your heart
Illuminating the world for you, it watches your footstep
The wind dances around you
Sweeping the flowers to your walk
That you may walk, like a king, on petals

I am elated for you, my friend
Though storms filled with turns
Through waves filled with rocks
Though flames filled with razors
You have strived though
Your arms have held, steadfast, to honour and dignity
Tenacity have you lifted on your back.
Till you emerged on those shores

I am so happy for you, my friend
Today is filled with glory for your sake
The world is filled with dance, of your accord
Even the heavens have leaned in for a photo with you
Grace has abound in your name
And many, from across the earth, celebrate with you
To bask in the euphoria of your victory
And to give glory, for your honour

I am overjoyed for you my friend
You are blessed amongst many