Two eclipse happened at mid-day
Both were terrifying
For we feared the sun had finally set
It was barely the 20th hour
This day had just begun
And so we sat, hunched around the darkness
No jive could illuminate the countenance
And so we sat, hunched around the darkness

You see
We knew not if this was an eclipse or the night
We knew not if the sun was obscured or it had gone to rest
We had no understanding if morning would return
We only felt the darkness that gripped our hearts
It’s hold was firm and its grip, strong
Hope was frozen to a still
Eyes had run to a thirst

This darkness was strange
This night was alien
It’s being weighed heavy on our hearts
For we knew it was still before midday
We knew the glory of the sun was still [supposed] to come
But we feared that it may never arrive
We feared this eclipse would last forever
And this fear terrified us

Now we sit in the sun
Joyous for every moment it shine
We smile with delight at the brightness it brings
We burst out in laughter at every click of the hour
But down back in our homes, we house this fear
One that terrifies us
A great big undesired anticipation;
When would the eclipse return?


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