You tower above me
I look high to try to get to your attention
My enthusiasm seemed to propel me for a moment
But only for one because your nonchalance seems to dampen the propulsion
Now my free fall sends me away from your height
I am a distance away from you again

Now I lay here, wondering if scrambling to my feet will be worth it
Do I need to crouch on my knees and get the necessary thrust from my legs?
A good shove stronger than what my over-zealot enthusiasm could give me?
But my heart is wary for it sniffs the pungent smell of pending failure
And so I lean back, a little longer on the floor
Letting my elbow straighten out to ease my back to the floor

You really really REALLY now tower over me
From here, down below, I look up to you
My will to rise is . . It lies here with me
The distance is hiding your face from me
I desire to see you
But my desire, for today [and maybe forever], seems inadequate





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