I dance with the stillness

I dance with the stillness that steadies my heart
That one which in my days of anxiety, showers me with calm
That one that grants serenity in marketplace
Yes, that stillness that accosts my commotion
It is disdainful of my turmoil
That is the one with whom I am entangled

This dance with the stillness fills my limbs with peace
I am like the tree in the meadows:
Basking in nonchalance from noon to noon
My breakfast comes from the sun and dinner, from the gentle streams
The wind is fond of me and so brings me flower petals
Wishing my heart merriment and my soul delight

My dance with the stillness lingers on till the night
The stars and moon watch in jealousy.
We hear whispers of their envy sheared with the sun;
…and it pleases my soul
Let my dance with the stillness fill their minds
For I enjoy us

I dance with the stillness to the tune of hearts;
mine [ours]
The movement of the clouds
The waltz of the wind
My feet are steady to this dance
And the stillness is compassionate

I dance with the stillness; beautiful to behold
and my heart is filled with bliss


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