Tales of the beating heart

Let the beating of hearts tell you a story
A tale so true many trip into it
Such a tale is contagious; a vicious epidemic
Walk with caution, as you traverse the presence of this tale
It is sweet to the ears; most pleasing
It captures the eyes with its rhythm; most beautiful
Listen on with caution
For such a tale will steal you

One tale talks about running
It skips a beat and agitates the listener
Nerves twitching to the haphazard dance of lightning
The sense of discomfort is overpowering
Now the members of here are strained to break
And the extremities rattle in response
This tale lasts for only a moment
But its echo resonates till the end of days

Another tale talks about a steady rhythm
The flowing water beneath its lyrics; the buttressing of calm
There is a steady calm about this story
There is no hurry robbing it of its taste
Now both hearts and tongues can dwell on its tastes
They are rich and consuming; a plethora of experiences
In this tale, I suppose love and compassion abound
An abode for the heart

There is one more tale the heart tells
It is fiery in its form and consuming in nature
Most who hear it are infected by its veracity
Most who hear of it are puzzled by its intensity
The wake of it is marred with aching heart
Its aftertaste is filled with regret and spent strength
Of all tales, this one twists the nerves the most
And when its blinding flames are extinguished, the falling ash is all that remains


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