The dark

How the dark hides the secrets we chide away from
Faithful to cover our fears under its black cape
Diligent in its biddings, it keeps without question
An assured trust we have

Listen to him who paddles across the waters in the dark
His gentle stroke guiding him across the oceans
And his thoughts leading him through the emptiness
And with the dark, he converses for companion

Lay your hands on the wind that flows under the dark
Its tales are chilling yet desirable
All hearts seek its freshness to lead one to slumber
Gentle, steady and fervent; drifting off

Peer your eyes on him who sits with the dark
Listen to the growth of their acquaintance
Such companionship has born understanding and comfort
And under the hug of its solitude, has sadness become comfort

How beautiful is the trust we have in the dark
Despised for our secrets it holds
Yet it returns; faithful to lead one to sleep
For in its arms is the fine gift of slumber

How beautiful is the company with dark
Leading the mind in a beautiful waltz
Gentle is its hold, tender is its whisper
in its arm is the find gift of critical  introspection


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