Heart & Time

How beautiful it is for two hearts to find each other
And for their rhythm to find a beat
Boom Boom Booboom Boom

And so time held their hands and walked them though its country
In celebration, they followed
Boom Boom Booboom Boom

Skipping across the mountain, crawling through the tunnels
Running across fields, kneeling on concrete
Boom Boom Booboom Boom
Dancing under the moonlight, Holding fires to the stars
Running for shelter from the rain, swatting away the bees
Boom Boom Booboom Boom

And so time dragged them on its path
Even when the impending clouds looked grim
Booboom Booboom Booboom Booboom
Time; the indifference in his face

Time; the nonchalance in her attitude
Booboom Booboom Booboom Booboom
And the thick darkness crushed hard on their backs
Look at their knees bruises deeper, look at their palms cut deeper
Boobooboom Booboom Boobooboom Booboom
Now these hearts were in full stride; racing to nowhere
Searching for respite, seeking to hold the reins of life
Boobooboom Boobooboom Boobooboom Boobooboom
. . . .[darkness]

Boom Boom
Boom Booboom Boom

How beautiful is it, for two hearts to find each other
How much more beautiful it is for these hearts
That through the treachery of time; the cruelty of life,
May emerge from the storm; hand in hand, hand in time
Drenched from the storm, shivering from the cold, palms clenched
Smile on face, heart in sync, love radiating
For the first time, time smiled
TIME, smiled!!!
Time was impressed
TIME, impressed!!!


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