Gentle words

Be gentle on me with your words
For I am frail and easy to sleep
My thoughts are fragile to the touch
They crumble under rejection
And under the scourge of mockery, they wilt
Like the flower, cut and abandoned by the heartbroken
Trampled by the nonchalant, scorched by the angered sun
Its beauty fading along with the moments that trumps by
So suffers this frail heart
Thus one under assault from your words

Be gentle, I beg, with your words
Let kindness and pity guide your tongue
May the gifts of you thought be soothing to my wounds
That I may rest under its bosom
And in its shadow, find safety and respite
This life, in its cruelty seeks to crush frail hearts like mine
That they may not find peace under the watchful stars
The brittle hearts have committed themselves to doom
To damnation have they set their sights
But I, in your words, seek mercy

So I ask again
Let your words on me be kind
Let compassion be the flavor it emanates
Sympathy, its every fervent servant;
Preparing the wave on which they ride
And let empathy precede them all
That I may find mercy in its eyes
And calm in the foreknowing
Grant me this in your mercy
As you wield thy words, of thy own accord


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