Commit thyself to critical thinking

Commit thyself to critical thinking
Lest thy way be paved by folly

Commit thyself, I admonish
Let devotion to deep thoughts be your hearts bidding
Let a quest for understanding drive your feet to travels
And a taste for knowledge, push you to the right company
Let a longing for wisdom fill your heart
Let you soul dream of comprehension
Let you mind be engulfed by the desire for insight

Introspection should be your breakfast
Reflection you dinner
Soul-searching should guide your walks
Silence should be your company
A love for deep thinking, you ally
Counsel should be the fuel for more thought
That words should resonate with you
And your soul should dwell in its contemplation
Till understanding finds you in it company

Again I say again
Commit thyself to critical thinking
And let wisdom guide your heart
Let the search for wisdom entice your gentle heart
Like the fairest of beauties
Let you heart grow weak in the face of understanding
That you may be captivated by it spell
Just like the heart of the lover
A lover sucked into the dance with understanding

Commit thyself to critical thinking, my good friend
That your way may not be paved by folly
But that in the close of day, joy may be unto you
Like the moon is to the night


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