Joy for you, my friend

I am filled with joy for you, my friend
The sun shines in your path
Its rays dance to the rhythm of your heart
Illuminating the world for you, it watches your footstep
The wind dances around you
Sweeping the flowers to your walk
That you may walk, like a king, on petals

I am elated for you, my friend
Though storms filled with turns
Through waves filled with rocks
Though flames filled with razors
You have strived though
Your arms have held, steadfast, to honour and dignity
Tenacity have you lifted on your back.
Till you emerged on those shores

I am so happy for you, my friend
Today is filled with glory for your sake
The world is filled with dance, of your accord
Even the heavens have leaned in for a photo with you
Grace has abound in your name
And many, from across the earth, celebrate with you
To bask in the euphoria of your victory
And to give glory, for your honour

I am overjoyed for you my friend
You are blessed amongst many


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