Claws and Talons

Do I have claws? I mean talons?
I may. I guess I do
My fingers are stuck in the earth
The sheer force I pull with rips apart the planet
Look at its core bleed?
Does it bleed?
What does the earth bleed if cut?
I reach out and touch it.
It burns.

My talons or claws or fingers are still stuck in the earth
They are wedged tight between it
I am beginning to feel the heat from its inside
Surges of pain and desperation run through my body
They though hold a tickle that, I must confess, is enticing
[wiggle from shiver]
[Shiver again]

Hey! Look!
These hands are still stuck in the earth
I think there is pain here
But there is relief walking by its side
Lift my eyes up. Lift them to the horizon
I see satisfaction lingering
It meanders on its path towards me

Look my hand is firmly stuck in the . . .
Oh no!
It is stuck in my arm
My nails are dig deep into my arm
There is red blood walking out of me
This sensation is electrifying and confusing
And on its heel, is peace

My talons are in my arm
My arm is in my arm
I find peace in this, I find me in me
I am confused but know clarity abounds around me
For I have sunk my claws into the earth
Wishing to pry it open and feast on its core
Only to see that I am …


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