Your laugh, I carry

Lifted, high above the ground
I carry your laugh with me
A sound that flows though my being
I carry it close to my heart;
Warmth, has filled my soul
My arms pull it close, hoping that it may fuse with me
Now I chuckle at that thought

My dear, your laugh, I have placed within me
That the understanding of joy may grow in me
I hold dearly your lough
It is the brightness of my day; the illumination of my time
Moments lose their fire when it bubbles from my within
I carry your laugh with me; my dear
It rests close to soul

You laugh, my dear, is always with me
I shiver at the thought of it physically
It never is enough to [only] remember that sound
I long to always watch you laugh
It is a surge of life through me
I carry your laugh close to my heart
It must be what has kept me alive [this long]


I carry  [holding tight]  your laugh with me
For life is the darkest this world can muster
I carry  [squeezing tight]  your laugh; always
For it quickens my breath when my body wills to fail
I carry  [guarding jealously]  you laugh in my arms
For to lose it is to lose the light of life
I carry  [preciously]  your laugh with me
For you, my darling, are my darling


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