Though the shivers run beneath our skin
Like the rumbling from elephants, rhinos and soldier
The tremors slither deep into our bones
Cutting a path close to the bones
Holding tight the nerves
Twisting to a knot, their ends
Oh! These tremors crawl through thin spaces
Through paths, cut open by your icy stares
They cause our hearts bolt of in anguish; drowned by adrenaline
Even the taste in our mouths run awry
Chalky and poisonous they’ve become
Cavity suddenly devoid of moisture
Even in then
When we are engulfed in silence
Holding tight jaws in denial of their rattle
Victims; robbed of the steady in our arms
Robbed of the composure in us
Yea, we live a hell
Where our peripherals are blurred to red
Lines have faded to squiggles
The tears have escaped us
Thirst has overcome our eyes
Breathing is trouble by clenched ribs
Like strong arms pulling back on persistence

Even then We know
We know that we would not be shaken
A resolve has been laid down
Its survival has forever been the death of us
Yes, even in then; we would not be shaken


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