Where we once trod

I will walk on this path we once trod
When fingers were intertwined in a dance of seduction
Feel existence glide across my face; Smooth as the finest silk
Gently, it traces the path of memory; A lasso on lost emotions
Now it tugs at them with strong forces
Watch them rise to the surface
Bringing with them a pool of tears
Who would have known.
That their burial was only a plug on my sorrows
Now, here they come like a flood
The towers of today are threatened under its ferociousness
The mountains we see are ridiculed under this impending charge
For it marches onward; undeterred, unfettered
I confess!
None can stop it
None can make peace with it
The sorrow will flow and encompass all
This, I am most assured of

And by the peripheral of my conscience
The question abounds;
Why do I subject myself to this
Why walk this path that will bring my demise
Under whose command am I subject?
To whose satisfaction do I walk?
To whose satisfaction do I walk this path of pain?

With eyes, charred by the burning of tears
He responds: I don’t know?


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