A kind heart & A heart of Love

When a kind heart finds love, the heavens rejoice
The stars are caught in a swirl of praise
And the sun and the moon burst into a waltz of ecstasy
The earth in excitement covers its face with flowers
The rivers dance in a meander across the earth
Even the night own bursts into a song

For the kind heart is loved by all
– By the angels and kings
– By the mighty and the glorious
– By the sweet singing minstrels and drummers
– By the little children and the men of war
Yes! The kind heart has, in them, found favour

Look at the ecstasy that abounds on the one who brings love
You prince of this earth
You are most glorious in your walk
Most fervent in your desire
The earth bestows its pride on you
And the heavens, that raised you, crowns you with is majesty
But these all fall short in comparison
Not even the brightest sun can compare
For your glory lies in this heart of kindness
It radiates through the darkest night
And the illumination of day is laid to waste before this glory
Before this glory which your heart of love has found

Let your love rest gently on this kind heart
Let it be like a stream of life from whence it thrives
Let this kind heart find succour in your love
For today, the heart of love and the heart of diligence have become one
And their thump has emerged in unison
That kindness is to itself: that love is to itself

Blessed is this day
For this kind heart and the heart of love, have become one



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