My dear sunshine

Come lie with me, my dear sunshine
You are the brightness of my day
The light that encapsulates me
The one who scares away my darkness

Come lie with me, my precious sunshine
I am wrought in dismay without you
You are the heat that was my countenance
Your presence is my smile; bright

Come lie with me, my sweet sunshine
In your shine is a burst of flavours that colours my moments
In it lies my desire for the present
And a dream for the future becomes appealing

Come lie with me, my sweet sunshine
Lie supine with me, my precious sunshine
Fill my existence with your glory, my beautiful sunshine
For my entirety desire you, my dear sunshine


Confidence accosted

A confidence crushed under you
But I feel no remorse
No shame, guilt, disgrace or sorrow
Only the absence of [your] aggression overwhelms me
Your touch is devoid assault
Your touch is tender to my face
I feel your soft palm gently lean on my face
It caresses it, and my confidence falls apartHere stands the man [once] filled with boast

Here stands the man [once] filled with boast
His words bellowed across the city, searching for might
His eyes gazed over the heads of men; searching for challenges
He called on the warriors and conquerors
To them did he braced for challenge
Seeking that one should test his might
His confidence willed to feed on their might
That his heart may be expounded by pride
And on their defeat may he bask

But no!
None spoke to him
None came up to him for his challenge
For his confidence was impenetrable
Till she touched him
His eye fell on hers and found respite there
Her hands fell on his cheek and found respite there
Now his voice has fallen to a calm
And his heart to a rest

Here stands the man [once] filled with boast
Masked in confidence [as a stone mask]
He willed his stone face to live for ever
That through the aggression of life, it may carry him
Never had his heart felt the arm of compassion
Neither has the gentle touch of kindheartednesses been bestowed on him
Here stands the man [once] filled with boast
Here stands the man [never] filled with compassion
Here stands the man [today] accosted by compassion

Strong faces [ii]

I am sat in peace beneath my confidence
My protector, my guide, my saviour
It leads me beside raging fires; unflinching
Through the gathering of monstrous beasts, it leads me
I charge at monsters and mountains
With impudence and remain unfazed
Nothing can break my surface
Nothing, amongst all, can daunt me

So I called on the arms of men
Strike this face with thy might
Rain on it, your words and aggression
See if you have dominion here
Test your cruelty on me, and see if I will flinch, whimper or wane
Lunch at me your missile of choice
I am certain of your failure
Your eyes shall watch me emerge from the rubble, unscathed and indignant


And in his boast, his face was struck
His fall was mighty; the tumble was everlasting
Of might so great was the hit, the earth shook while he fell
His crumbled to the earth turned the hearts of all to him
They fear his demise may be catastrophic
But smile did he clothe his face in
His smile, for once, was visible
That [confidence] which upon his face had been set forever, was broken
Peer through its cracks
For beneath it lies a [his] smile

of heaven and earth

Stare into her eyes, you prince of the earth
Search deep in them and find rest
For your walk is deserving of it
You have traversed the lands in conquest
And sought the joy that one’s heart desires
The high peaks and the flowing seas have not dissuaded you
Even the fear that lurks in darkness
These have you wrestled with a smile
Now, your steps, you have planted in the earth
And your gaze, you have set on the heavens
That its glories may be, onto you, as in the day of [all] victories
You, great prince, has heaven found favour in

Stare deep into his eyes, you princess of the earth
Call from within, his sceptre of glory
Look! he stands down the aisle desiring for your hand
Never has the earth seen a charge filled with such graciousness
His hand will you lead on a voyage [ever so swiftly]
Through the meadows and deserts, the streams and castles
Through kingdoms and [beautiful] fields, storms and still waters
For you are most conquorous, most diligent amongst [all] men
You lift the heart of the lowly, and lead the march of the valiant
You break open the morning, and the curtains of night, you pull over the sun
Shutting the sight of fear and blessing the respite of slumber
You, dear princess, has heaven found favour in


And so
princess and her prince danced through the night
They feasted amongst smiles, stories, and laughter
Till their hearts were overwhelmed with gladness
These are the tales of the children of heaven

Strong face [i]

I held my confidence in these arms
A beautiful bride, it was dear to me
I clenched it close for I had, through the times, fought for it
After my life had ebbed away by the rushing of time
I finally laid my eyes on it
My arms pulled it close
My nose sniffed of its scent, dearly

I put satisfaction on my face, and it sat well
A strong coating; it shielded me from the strong winds
Protecting me from the angered sands that rage through the storm
Look how this confidence now keeps me
From the strike of angered men to the caressing of babies
I was kept safe
This confidence kept me safe

My face has been made strong by my dear confidence
I walk the earth under its replica of me
For I am moulded beneath it
I am formed [now] by its model of me
I smile but none is seen, neither is my cry seen
My laugh, anger, and jubilation, these it has stolen
I am [now] completely beneath my confidence, lost

Perfect portraits

Perfect portraits are drawn in heaven
Look at the contours of that face
My eyes are aligned
Her nose curves perfectly beneath them
His lips arch below that nose

Perfect portraits reside on earth
Seated on a throne of Gold, clay and garbage
My arms are crossed and to my chin
Her breath in steady
His shoulder race from the fear

Perfect portraits go beneath the earth
Peaceful in its lie, it rests
My fingers twiddle … gently
His hair lay perfect … still
His is in his perfection … still

Aged words

Look at us
Seating across each other
The hushed tones crowded with words fermented
Over the silence that spawned for ages, they have been brewed
Deep within our bowels they have rested
Tumbling over in the midst of thoughts
Dancing with conflicting ideas
These words have abound in the deep of us
They have travelled the lengths of introspection
Visiting with reservations and alliances
The wined without conscience
With our fears they made love
Look at the hold hands with our desires
Our loves flirted [unquestionably] with them
Even chaos and calm aligned their hearts with it
Till these words were old in their ways
Wrinkled and shrivelled in appearance
Now they emerge; slow in pace
Confident in knowledge
They abound in wisdom and understanding
They stand back and let the quick crumble

See, they have lost all sense of urgency
And the desire for exuberance has been worn off their backs
These words emerge in their time
Seating on the hearts of listeners; they ride
Dwelling in the understanding of them
Be it in acceptance or rejection

Poetry on a bat

Swing, swing swing, my pretty little bat
Swing with your shine, my pretty little bat
Dance with the wind, my pretty little bat
Crash down on those who oppose you, my pretty little bat
Be they big or small, my pretty little bat
The smashing of bones and flesh should bring you no remorse
my pretty little bat
The cracking of glass and leather can bring you no joy
my pretty little bat
Soar through the wind, my pretty little bat
You are made of the finest hands, my pretty little bat
You glister from polish, my pretty little bat
You are firm and Strong, my pretty little bat
Be my ever trusted tool, my pretty little bat
Or my dearly beloved protector, my pretty little bat

Swing for me, my pretty little bat
And in that, my pretty little bat, is your beauty made magnificent

In silence

I sit in silence
neither baffled nor saddened
Lights float by me
I don’t think they notice my presence
My expression, it seems. . . stunning
All who see me stare a little longerˆ

I sit in silence
My thoughts today are far from profound
I feel as though my back rests on time
Like a dinghy, I am floating on its calm stream
This is what a steady breath feels like
The question is, ”what is the purpose of haste?”

I sit in silence
I find, in today, a satisfaction in my non-words
There is less chaos in my though
I have either found peace or given up
Either way, I will sit here [at least for today]
I will bask in this [peaceful] silence

You little princess

I looked down at her
How precious her smile was
It burned from sweet innocence
Her dance was of the newness of her heart
She was magnificent, and no one could hide it
Her joy filled the heavens till they blessed us with rain
Her laughter filled the earth until the wind tickled us to pleasure
She let loose her smile on the hearts of men
Now they are bound to her eternally
She leads them to their happiness
Look at them beam in their joy

I looked down at her.
Within those beautiful eyes were the words she knew not of
This little princess pulled from our hearts, elation
Our backs lost their arch and became upright in pride
It though was not pride from our own greatness
Nope! It was one, born out of the strength her joy gave.
This joy she has filled us with. Now we walk like kings
Like warriors and heroes, we are filled with prestige
With honour and pride, we can walk this earth
This is not by our own doing. ,No it certainly is not.
But by knowing this joy you so gleefully share

I looked down at her
This lovely beautiful princess
And my heart was conqured by joy