Against my charge

Right there
Over there stands an army
Spread across the horizon
They charge not at me; at least not in their stride
Only a defiance of my charge, do I see in them
Planted like the widest sequoia, they fill my vision
Now my tomorrow is blurry; shifted out of focus
For on their glistering armour, has my fear found its abode

My feet break the earth open
Toes cracking the surface of life in an effort to propel me
Arched as they thrust through me through the air
That I may charge the line that grows before me
I have set my torso – fit for this collision
My shoulder is arched high
And my faith rests behind it
          Break this line and feast with me on the other side
          Break it and this charge will be victorious
The familiarity of the voice of hope I recognise.
Its gentle sound sifts through the clinking of armour
Through the rising dust, blinding reflection and enveloping noise
I lift my eyes from admiration of my stomping feet
Look! Faintly! Beyond the lines
There, waiting at the base of the hill by the horizon
There. Right there!
Hope stands!
Past the battles of today; charging for the battles of tomorrow

Right here
Over here where my feet thump the earth
I propel my body harder
That the collision that awaits may bring my victory
And the air beyond, my glory
I propel my body onward
Filled with desire, intoxicated by longing
That once again, my hope fill be in my arms again


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