Succumb to slumber

You beautiful one are overwhelmed with life
Your eyes give away your dwindling strength
You stare gently at the task you have laid about
And with resolve, waddle through
Where does your strength come from?
How have you, through such herculean task, kept your tenacity
My eyes rest on you as you glide across this room
You fill it with the image of admiration
Much of which streams and settles in my heart
Such resolve is a gift from God
Such tenacity is the portion of warriors
And the strength of the mighty, lies in such steadfastness
For less is needed to cross the grandest of oceans
Less is required to fight the mightiest of lions
Even less is required for the conquering of cities
And for the most treacherous of marathons, far less is required
But you have mastered this drive with great poise
You have wielded it like the saber of a skilled fencer
Even through the darkness of night, you have charged through
Till your limbs are famished and vision diminished
Still, you advanced, undeterred
Now your heart’s desire is made present
You goal is laid in your palms now
Only in this, have you gripped the hands of slumber
And the peace of snooze, you have finally embraced

Rest in those arms my dear
Let the peace they hold guide you into the morrow
That you may rise in strength
And awake in the brightness of your graciousness
And may the peace they hold, fill your heart
Tomorrow and forever



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