These two humans

In hunger, this body sat
Wary from existence, distressed from starvation
And the cruelty of humanity had no tenderness for her
The golds of the earth and the diamonds of the cloud;
All stored in the caves of the mighty
For what is a lowly body like him deservant of?
Can a body like her comprehend the good things of life?

Along the path, two humans strode
Their heart shone like the midday sun
Their arms covered in flowers and tenderness
They spoke in the voices of angels
And their tear-clouded eyes bathed her sour skin
For their hearts had been doused with compassion;
Far in the deepest of emotions
Their loins girded with charity
That its working may rise through their being
And so they knelt by him
With the tears flowing over her fragile skin
They had washed away his sin
Such is the power of the heart of empathy
Such is the graciousness of kindness
Now her smile emanates from the falling cracks
From the broken extremities that encompassed him
For kindness has washed away the brokenness
And in its wake, her wake is eminent

These two humans walk this path
Angels on earth, children of God
Their path is covered in compassion
Their tears of gold, filled with healing
Their heart girdled with hope
And Bosom with resolve;
Resolve, even in the towering face of futility
These two humans walk this path


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