See the sun again

Help my heart see the sun again
Help it, for it is lonely and reserved
These grey skies have stolen beauty from its vision
Now the flowers seem monotonous
Even the beautiful lily seems cut from brown paper;
A bland shape devoid of its curves and scent

Help my heart hold to beauty again
Not even the sway of the skilled dancer holds life
Neither does the painting of the humble artist
Nor the sound of the gifted minstrel
That my heart has been left desolate, has filled it with despair
That it sits in imposed solitude, is its [ill] fortune

Help me, I plead, to see the sun again
Help me! For I am [now] acquainted with your absence
It has pulled its couch close to me, and peers in my eyes
Its look is menacing; a rancid mockery of my longing
Oh! It disturbing silence pierces my heart
This silence stabs, repeatedly, my composure; [I am close to crumble]
I can feel its breath close to my face
It questions our ever so dear company
That what was once, was forever futile
And its sheer presence terrifies me
You absence seats, peering deep into my soul
And I can fight it not

Help my heart, my dear friend
Help it see then beautiful sun again
Pull this grey cloak of your absence from over it
So the colour of spring may engulf it once again
Come seat with me, my dear friend
So I may, by your presence, see the beautiful sun again


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