The openness

The openness engulfs my reasoning
And so, before it I present my being
Not an ounce of restrain stands before me
– none holds me back
As the winds ruffle through my clothes
It searches for the stress I [dearly] hold close
It reaches the deep discomfort I have adopted as being
It wrings them away from my tight clutching arm
All my resistance, it dims futile
For it stuffs me with calm
This openness engulfs my reasoning

This openness calls my heart
To set my foot within the waters
That the dancing waves may waltz me into joy
Never has a dance so intense and passionate been
Never has one as such, been able to hold onto worries
The openness knows this [and much more]
See, its dance is smooth; captivating and calming
Its whispers grow louder as the sun leans down for a kiss
Beautiful sand infiltrates the crevices of my foot
Even the sea gulls are jealous
I too lean down and stroke a piece of this wave; the gift of the openness

The openness bids me to return
No heart should stuff itself with worry
No heart should pride in its attire of stress
That such has become the garment we bask in
This is the bane of our lives
There is mourning in the heart [of openness] because it perceives this
And so it beckons on me to hastily return
To let its hands ruffle through my clothes for the stress I hold close
To let my dance with the waves cause the shackles of worry fall
And then calm and peace may be the garment I take pride in


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