Her desire

He heart wanted to smile
Under the flowing waters, it desired to stand
To have the chill flow through it
Then comes the wind; that which chills the burning
That which intensifies the flame
That which antagonizes the fire
That which soothes the resting

She desired the heart; passion radiated
That which emanates from a throbbing heart
That which consumes the passive
That which intensifies the passive
That which consumes the engrossed

She desired the cold
That which invited the hug
That which extends the arms that surround
That which makes those arms desirable
That which gives the desire for warmth

She desired the speed
That which sends the blood rushing wild
That which surges adrenaline through her being
That which dares the arms of fate
That which takes her breath away

She desired, intently
She longed from the crevices of her heart
Her heart lunged forth with yearning
And so she stood; peering keenly
Her eyes fixed intently on him
…as he danced with another

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