A story

Give me a story
One where the skies are close to the earth
And the stars dance around the tree tops
Fill it with spices and perfumes
Let the food be the foretaste of heaven;
Smells that lift the soul;
– Force close the eyes and curve the smiles
I want a story where the music runs through the street
The dance creeps into the limbs of all who listen
Their excitement should fill the earth [in this story] with tremor
Backs are arches, the dust rises, and the evenings are livened
Booming across the land are the sounds of drums
Guitars, trumpets, sambas, tambourines and pots
Fill this story with laughter
Those from our fathers; They roar across the room
Through the corridors and over our beds
Their laughter speaks to the neighbors
And the whole city knows of their pleasure
Better still, let such joy grow from me
I long to be the birth of [your] stories
By me [I desire] your heavens should touch the earth
The stars should kiss the trees, and your streets are filled with dancing
In this tale of yours [that I cause]
I desire you have the perfect world
And may your smile last forever
in it and out here



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