Sweet sweet excitement

Sweet sweet excitement
Like the dance to the sounds of loud drums
Your tingle crawls through me.
Reverberating across my back, it shakes me to action
My smile in spread across faces
These eyes of mine light up the room
From within them, their brightness lifts the lowliest of spirits
The falling rain turns to music
The angered winds turn to a dance
O sweet sweet excitement
You paint the blue sky again
Filling its edges with colours I cannot explain
The sun lays a kiss on my cheek, and the moon pats my back
The clouds, you present to me as a coat
Even the birds that sail on its ocean,
They adorn my head like laurels
Singing the melody of morning

Sweet sweet excitement
You are the gift I long for
The addiction I am deprived of
But you are here today, and I am most pleased
Thank you for your intoxication
I wish never to return to reality
Only to forever swim in the highs of you
O my sweet sweet excitement


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