A heart set on perdition

He set his path to perdition, and none could deter him
Up from his seat of innocence, he walks as unto a goal
His eyes a sealed shut to admonition
Even the wisdom of his mother, he has shut out
Under the guidance of tenacity he walks
Perdition seats on the throne of his heart
It administers the affairs of his being
Driving him away from home

What can save a man from such
Who can deliver him from himself
Even when his feet are crooked and twisted backwards
He walks on towards the north; heart set on perdition
Even when his arms, go flailing behind, groping for resistance
He marches on with an urgency
One braced with confidence and a plugged ear
Seeking, for his heart’s king, its desire till the day of his fulfilment

Weep for this man, for his end may not be swift
Like the rising of the waters to the falling of the rain
The just recompense of his heart’s desire shall befall him
And on the day of its culmination, weeping shall abound in him
For time shall lay before him, the sum of his days
And his heart she pours out in agony, the contents of his throne
There, he shall feast [by his eyes] on his longing of youth
Even the ignorance of the middle ages shall abound before him

But none, in that day, can console him
Even if he seeks it, none shall lay their coat to keep him warm
Out of the cold winter of agedness,
May he find [some] compensation in the pleasures long gone
My Memories imbibed grant him a smile
One where his eyes shall shut to the times, and breath, steady like a pond
There, may he find rest from the aching bones
And from the turmoil of a life spent chasing after damnation


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