I will always love you

We sat, staring out towards oblivion
Our silence echoed through our bones
How our chatter had faded over time
And the quite has clothed our demeanour
I cherish the sound of the ocean
That gentle washy sound
The beautiful sound of the waters scrubbing the beach
And the sounds of rocks shoving them back
These, our gloom has forever tainted
These I now remember on the backdrop of a heavy heart
The setting sun and the chilling breeze all force these eyes to be dry
I stare out continually; wishing never to turn to you
My courage is failing; wanting to hold back the flow
My strength is [gently] ebbing away
My composure, like falling paint, succumbs to the wither in me
I dare not stare at you
These faucets are not built for the possibilities
I fear I will drown us both in their outpouring
So I [forcefully] stare at the wind
My hearts hopes it will dry my vision

I sit, staring out towards the vast emptiness [; world]
And I was [torturously] assured
I will always love you


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