Strong face [i]

I held my confidence in these arms
A beautiful bride, it was dear to me
I clenched it close for I had, through the times, fought for it
After my life had ebbed away by the rushing of time
I finally laid my eyes on it
My arms pulled it close
My nose sniffed of its scent, dearly

I put satisfaction on my face, and it sat well
A strong coating; it shielded me from the strong winds
Protecting me from the angered sands that rage through the storm
Look how this confidence now keeps me
From the strike of angered men to the caressing of babies
I was kept safe
This confidence kept me safe

My face has been made strong by my dear confidence
I walk the earth under its replica of me
For I am moulded beneath it
I am formed [now] by its model of me
I smile but none is seen, neither is my cry seen
My laugh, anger, and jubilation, these it has stolen
I am [now] completely beneath my confidence, lost


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