Strong faces [ii]

I am sat in peace beneath my confidence
My protector, my guide, my saviour
It leads me beside raging fires; unflinching
Through the gathering of monstrous beasts, it leads me
I charge at monsters and mountains
With impudence and remain unfazed
Nothing can break my surface
Nothing, amongst all, can daunt me

So I called on the arms of men
Strike this face with thy might
Rain on it, your words and aggression
See if you have dominion here
Test your cruelty on me, and see if I will flinch, whimper or wane
Lunch at me your missile of choice
I am certain of your failure
Your eyes shall watch me emerge from the rubble, unscathed and indignant


And in his boast, his face was struck
His fall was mighty; the tumble was everlasting
Of might so great was the hit, the earth shook while he fell
His crumbled to the earth turned the hearts of all to him
They fear his demise may be catastrophic
But smile did he clothe his face in
His smile, for once, was visible
That [confidence] which upon his face had been set forever, was broken
Peer through its cracks
For beneath it lies a [his] smile


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