A darker night

The night is dark
Darker than most
It seems loneliness roams the street
And the heart that wonders, it will court
Even the eyes or ears that fall for its melody,
It will captivate
Woe be those that fall for its charm
Their solitude will it invade, capture, conquer
And when the sun wakes to bring merriment
When dawn is in its blossom
The conquest will be whole
Such a heart will be taken
And the smile which once was, will be unfamiliar
Forever estranged

This night is dark
And the whispers of loneliness,
I [may] have heard


In anticipation of joy

Long and meandering is the way
It descends by the hill and rises to the clouds
Its edges swing the head of the rider that gallops
Till his neck kisses the lips of death
But I have walked gently on this path
And even at time, when the moon alone witnessed
I have crawled on this path
When my horse grew wary and my legs famished
The strength of these arms persisted
They lifted me through the thorny path
And under the shadows of the mountains, they carried me
I heard the night laugh at me
I heard the day giggle
Even the sun looked at me in pity
The rain clapped at me
With thunder and wind, it taunted me
– maybe in a bid to spur me on
– maybe in a bid to chase me from its presence
Look, I stand at the summit of a hill
The flames of completion are just beyond the horizon
My heart is overcome by tears and faith
Like a whirlpool, beneath my face
I look at the brightened horizon
And my heart can no longer, its tears, contain
Let grace keep me to that day
– and beyond
That my eyes may be brightened by those raging flames
and through the [anticipated] tears and relief, hold tight to the joy of end.


Waiting for sunset

Let us sit by the open window
As our eyes surf the undulating cityscape;
The rising towers and the ocean that surrounds
Dressed by the setting sun, they glimmer in beauty
The evening breeze fills our senses
And our hearts, they bring to the acceptance
Of the end of our effort and the stack of our slumber
But still before their beauty, does this heart tremble
Its countenance is graced with anxiety
Calm is only a dream that waltz beneath our open window
its sweet sensual perfume, taunting our feeble minds
And its enticing whispers of songs, taunting our callous ears
Such an affair is short lived
Such a romance will never come to birth
This heart longs for the passing of tomorrow
Leaning over the window seal, I tear up in loss
Loss of that [calm] which I will never hold
Till the stream of anxiety is gone
Till its flow, through my being, is complete
Then the [immense] beauty of sunset will this heart fully cherish
And the sweet nectar of slumber, this body dwell in
Oh, how I long for this

Black water

Stroke, stroke, stroke, breath
It is joked that black people cannot swim
Listen at my chuckle as I count all those I know
– who can swim
– who can’t swim

Stroke, stroke, stroke, breath
Do not go near the swimming pool again
That was how he died!
Do you want to die like her?
Echoes of my mother’s scared admonition

Stroke, stroke, stroke, breath
I can feel my kicks faltering beneath the water
It is heavier today
I am assured of its desire to make me fail
And to jokingly join the presumption about black swimmers

Stroke, stroke, stroke, breath
I fail and stand again
I am in the shallow end
My eyes guide the seasoned swimmer as he glides by
Stroke, stroke, stroke, breath

Stroke, stroke, stroke, breath
I keep my focus on the ground
That my arms may arch perfectly
And my flow may be pristine
Today? tomorrow? next year?

Stroke, stroke, stroke, breath
My arms fail me and my legs give up
These lungs hold more than they give out
I guess today is not the day I am praised by myself
I guess today is not it

When a little princess cried

Do not cry my little princess
You, for whom the sun shines
Do not let distress anchor in your heart
Or the chaos of today hold charge over your smile
you are the glory of the earth
And the essence of joy
Do not let these troubles of today daunt your excitement

Do not cry my little princess
This upset is only for a moment
Look into my eyes and tap from the joy you have bestowed
Hold me close and let your heart feel warm
Hold my hands and let me swing you in a dance
Let me swing and dance with you till that pretty smile resurfaces
And your heart, again, is overcome with gladness

Do not cry my little princess
For your tears crash on the streets of my heart
They run with stomping across my heart
Now it shatters beneath them
Let me hold you and listen to your pain
may I bring soothing to your heart
And comfort to your troubles

Do not cry my little princess
You who the sun shines for
You are most precious to me
Your smile is the light of my day
And the memory of you, the glory of my night
Please, do not cry my little princess
Here I am, with you, to take away your pain

I have met peace

There are some smiles that cannot be explained
Like that which fill my face at 4 am
I am starved of sleep and too tired to eat
Yet, my face is covered with this smile
My soul is elated and satisfied
Because you are here, my darling, my heart is calm
I lie here, in peace, with peace
I have met peace


My beautifuls

These are beautiful, she said
These are my beautifuls, she pointed
These are my pretty, she emphasised
These are my precious, she whispered
These, these very ones are my desired, she stressed
clutch them she further stated
These are my pieces
These are my fragments
these are mine, she cried,
These very ones, belong to me
These are my  . . .
These are my heart, she cried
These are my heart
These . . . are my heart she said through a storm of tears

and none could console her

Sweet voice

Sweet voice sailing through the night
Rest on my window just for a moment
Let in the icy night just a little
Soothe my troubled sleep for a while
Guide my anxious soul down this slumber
Please, stroke my palpating heart to rest
Tease my tense muscles to ease
Quiet the throbbing dis-calm of my blood
Silence these grinding teeth
and lull this tossing body to sleep
This angst mind, rock to slumber
Pour your sweetness into my heart
So by its pleasure, I may find rest
And in it, dwell till I see you again

You, sweet sweet voice

Not only kisses

I feel the chill in the night
This is the earth gently reminding me
Possibly of the risk of being here
Or of its un-forgiveness
Could more goose bumps rise from my skin?
Or can my muscles tremble harder?
Could any or all of these send me back into the comfort habitación?

I am right here with you
My head rests on your shoulders
Face full of your dancing hair
In here [now], I understand comfort
I come to a better grasp of relaxation
Somewhere I can rest as I feel you on my chest
And your heart dancing on my chest

My heart desires no kisses
My lips do not desire yours
They are tied with a grandiose sense of satisfaction
Possibly by the sweet smell of you
My dear, my lips desire no kisses now
Shut without words, they rest
By your side; buried in you


My spear is curved
My barrel is curved
The force I lunge with will hurt you and me
Your blood is red
My blood is sad
It flows with a speed as waltzing with fate
My audience is proud
My audience lie in ruin
A hero, I am adorned

Let the infinity of contra dance
As we rain on those that look up to us
Let it rain the sparkle of contorted metal
And thunder the collision of projectiles

My stare is aggressive
My stare is in regret
No form of reason can resolve my dichotomy
Your wail is [my] victory
My wail is my terror
Our hearts are forever dead and broken
My war thinks I am right
Your war things I am wrong
We are trapped in this conundrum forever