Fading flames

When lights are waning
When this darkness hurdles around me
When my arms can reach beyond the illumination
and lay hold of the emptiness the encroaches
When the fires of enlightenment seem hollow
burning on the records of yesterday
When the fuel for this flame is diminished
And there is more [chocking] smoke than there is enlightenment
When there is no spark at the end of the match
None to burn the new flame
When there is no smell of combustion
You know, that smell of flint being consumed in its steady burn
When my pupils dilate; trying to catch all the light it can grasp
When the nothingness camps around me and I am overcome by its breath
Yes, when I am trapped in the midst of this darkness
and my light is fading fast
I will run, not to solitude
Neither will I cower in slumber, embracing my tears
No! I will to the encroaching night, run
Flailing my arms so that warmth may fill my bones,
Calling out, that adrenaline may fill my blood,
and insanity may be named my countenance
Only from this [I hope] will courage emerge
And maybe there, I may finally call on the darkness to sit beside me
As one, with whom I share companionship

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